An update in ten thoughts

I have not been here as much as usual for the past week due to reading days and finals this week, and I probably will be here even less this week. I do, however, have some thoughts on my mind so here are the top ten in no particular order.

1. I feel much better about my classes, particularly math, than I did going into midterms. I might even end up with a C if I can do well on the final. The tutoring has helped.

2. If what they say is true, and our new football coach, Coach Kelly, lied to his players in Cincinnati and told them he would not take the job here, I do not like that. I may scowl at him if I see him on campus.

3. What happened with Tiger Woods is still none of our business.

4. I know she is not old enough to open Christmas presents and will probably not even care, but I got Mary some toys and a little bib, for when she starts eating real food, with the Irish leprechaun.

5. Speaking of Mary, I am going to write about her baptism, which is the day after I get home, and submit it to Revelife just to watch all the Prots freak out; “Eeeeeeekkkkkk you baptize babies!!! That’s unbiblical!!!” With any luck, it will present an opportunity for LoBo to tear into them. Which is always enjoyable. I am constantly amazed by how many Prots there cannot restrain themselves from telling Catholics that they are wrong about everything, call it “discussion”, then take extreme offense when their own theology is questioned.

6. The supposed commercialization of Christmas doesn’t bother me all that much.

7. I don’t support this war in Afghanistan, either. It bothers me that a good portion of the US economy seems to be built upon the need for perpetual war. President Eisenhower was so right and we didn’t bother to listen to him.

8.”Climate-gate” is the epitome of what is referred to by political observers as “the silly season.” There is no substance there at all, and it proves the hysteria and desperation of those who do not simply deny global warming, but claim to question the government but will blindly follow the whims of huge corporations.

9. When will smart, Catholic virgins be the new black?

10. One semester of college done and seven to go, at least until law school. I don’t feel any smarter.


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