Isn’t that just like a cop? Brings a gun to a snowball fight.

This cop happened to be driving through a Twitter-induced snowball fight and when a snowball hit his “Hummer”, he decided to get out and pull his gun.

I don’t know where to start. Should it be with the fact that we don’t need psychotic, macho cops who drive Hummers and are only cops because they want to hold a gun? Yeah, men with phallic issues come to mind as they do for any “man” who drives a Hummer and/or thinks pulling out his gun is a good thing. This pig is another excellent example of some of the bullies who become cops. The idea that he is there to protect and serve would never come to mind and he becomes hostile when asked for his badge number, obviously because he knows he has done something wrong.

There are tens of thousands of decent law enforcement officers on our streets and this jerk only makes their jobs harder.

Also, thanks to my dad for the title suggestion, which he found amusing and then proceeded to explain to me in detail. If you don’t get it, watch the movie “The Untouchables.”


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