Goodbye, HardestLevel

So it was announced today that HardestLevel is going to be merged with Mancouch. It makes sense at this point, HL barely registers any traffic anymore and the average post gets, maybe, ten comments at best. My previous user name was on HardestLevel and I always enjoyed having a place to talk gaming. In the past, HL was one of the more popular “ish” sites; I had a few features that did very well (one getting about 80 comments). Then came Joe.

Joe, whose user name is “Awinnerisyou”, intentionally began to alienate female gamers. He instituted a “Hawt Girls” feature that had nothing to do with gaming and then wrote a mocking “Hawt Guys” feature when girl gamers complained that HL was already becoming more Mancouch than a site where all  gamers could feel welcome. Most other features were focused on old games, the nostalgic “Weren’t games so much better back then” kind of stuff that is fine every so often, but gets a little boring as a daily feature. Worse than any of this, he picked a fight with Scott, “Schristian”, one of the site’s better contributors then blocked him from the site after wrecking one of his featured posts. In addition, there were at least three cases where Joe took other people’s posts off their own sites or took them from posts submitted to HL, and featured them on HL under his own name. All of these issues were ignored by Xanga leadership.

Now, having succeeded in driving most contributors away, HL is being merged with the loser’s corner of Xanga. If HL had never been popular, this wouldn’t be so bad, but HL was doing well for some time. It is sad than one individual destroyed the spot where Xangans can talk about gaming.

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