Who can’t we offend?


I have been pondering this question over the last few days. Freedom of speech obviously includes the right to be offensive and provides no protection from being offended. Fair enough so long as we recognize that people are allowed to respond. But who is off limits? I mean really off limits. In our little microcosm of society, the internet, who is untouchable?

The retarded

Once we get beyond fourth grade, online and in general, the retarded seem to be off limits. The reasoning is that the retarded cannot defend themselves. Though Sarah Palin seems to do alright for herself.

Old people

Old people never seem to understand it even if you are trying to offend them so I think it’s all good. Aside from that, if they do understand and take offense, they have built up a lifetime of retorts. Don’t mess with my Grandpa, he will bring you down old school.

Gay people

There seems to be a line drawn in society in general; certain words are off limits, however online, anything remotely offensive will earn you some hate. But gay people seem to enjoy the combat and the offense seems to come more from heterosexuals on behalf of gay people. We call this “offense by proxy”.

Asian people

Asian people really enjoy making fun of Asian people and since Asian on Asian crime appears to cause little offense, I say offend away if you’re Asian. Otherwise, stick to your own race/nationality/ethnicity you bunch of pale, Irish morons.

Dead people

People seem to carry a grudge about offending the dead for quite some time if it’s a blogger they like. Dead celebrities, on the other hand, are inviting targets. Either way, we seem to not want to encourage certain bloggers to make fun of us after we die. I say have at me.

Men in dresses

Does anybody actually think this is not OK to make fun of?

The Irish

If you value your dental health, offending the Irish is not recommended. Though, there are people that should make every effort they can to offend the Irish. Up close, and in person.

People who like Jesus

The internet has established new heights when it comes to taunting the Christians. On one hand, faith is a serious matter to those who have some. On the other hand, Christians are supposed to welcome “persecution”. Though noone seems to know what that actually means.

Teenaged girls

Look, can’t a girl just fall in love and marry a vampire in peace?

Is anyone off limits? Should anyone be off limits?


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