Before you call yourself tolerant

I am open-minded, progressive, and so very tolerant. How dare offense be levied at homosexuals, people of a different race or nationality, or the disabled. We, after all, must be tolerant of others no matter what. My tolerance is inextricably tied to my intellect.

Are not the masses brainwashed by their fairy tales? Studies have shown that those of us who are open-minded, progressive, and tolerant are far smarter than the masses. It is our keen intellect and ability to reason that made us ever so tolerant.

You idiots and your faith. Oh wait, unless you are Buddihst, Muslim, Pagan, Jewish, or one of the other faiths practiced by other people, somewhere else, whose views do not encroach upon my politics. It is you other idiots and your faith whom I truly hate. Your beliefs are worthy of my scorn and your leaders deserve no respect. Because I am intelligent and I know far better than you. My ability to reason has shown this to be true.

And I am tolerant.

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