God’s humilation and shame

I believe in aliens. I believe that they exist and I believe that God created them just as He created us. I also believe that it is very possible that God provided them with a revelation of their own. As we search the galaxy–if I am right–we will eventually find other life. Or it will find us. Imagine us arriving on Cassius 15 in the Vextar Region of the Rimbula galaxy.

Us: Hey, aliens! What do you know. Let’s be friends! Meet our leader and the guy who lost.

Aliens: Yes, we shall be friends. Let us each learn about the other’s cultures and beliefs. What is it that you humans believe?

Us: Well, we like pizza, sex, Facebook, pictures of kittehs, and American Idol. Most of us believe in God, or god, or something like that. But we’re Americans who discovered you, so our God is the one who counts, He even told us so in this book.

Aliens: God!! We believe in Him too. He also gave us a book, and it says we are made in His image and that He became one of us to save us. We call Him Jesus.

Us: Hey!! Our book says that too! WTF?!!??!!??

Both look up to the heavens.

God: Look…uhhhmmmmm…*scratches forehead*…whew…this is awkward…I don’t know what to say here…look…I never thought you guys were gonna meet.

Original post: http://scrambledmegsntoast.xanga.com/719698420/gods-humiliation-and-shame/


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