The global warming debate is over, right?

Actually it is and it has been for some time. Conservative extremists, though–who generally have no problem with illegal acts so long as the ends are to their liking–have found a new reason to claim fraud. It turns out that someone hacked into some computers and took emails showing that some scientists questioned the data that supports global warming, mocked global warming deniers, and expressed concern that their findings could be refuted. In short, they behaved like scientists who have only observable evidence from the past on which to base their findings, as opposed to an ability to see into the future. An ability which, apparently, conservative extremists possess. Because that is the only explanation for ignoring the preponderance of historical evidence that shows that humans have significantly impacted global temperatures. It is apparently quite easy to point to fluctuations in data that supposedly refutes global warming, but ignore the steady stream of data that supports the trends. Look October in the US was the third coldest on record, take that global warming! It’s called global warming for a reason. October was also the sixth warmest on record for the entire planet.

To look to the advent of the world’s Industrial Revolutions and how the increase in global temperatures coincides with this 100 year period and still claim, without any doubt, that we are not responsible demonstrates a bizarre level of obtuse thinking. It is never mentioned how global warming deniers, as is the case with those opposed to most anything, have never actually provided any scientific evidence to support their position. What they do is question the science that supports global warming, usually making such claims as “the Earth is too big to be affected by the actions of humans.” There is nothing, nothing at all, to support this claim but it is supported by conservative extremists who oppose global warming not because they have evidence to believe otherwise, but because they have found it to be an issue that “liberals” support, therefore, as with health-care reform, they are obligated to act in reactionary opposition. As when I pointed out to my very conservative friend that President Obama said the sky is blue, to which she replied “He’s an idiot”, critical thinking is rarely evident when judgment is clouded by so much partisan hatred.


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