I am an idiot

So, as I mentioned in my pulse earlier, I decided I really just didn’t want to go to either my math or Latin class today. I had no legitimate reason other than I decided I can skip class therefore I will. Look at me, I am a big girl, skipping class. Fa la la la la la. In the middle of what should have been Latin, my phone rang. I looked at the ID but I didn’t think about what it actually said. I don’t think. Ever. Idiot.

Me: Oh, hi daddy
Dad: Hey, kid, I was going to leave a message. I thought you had class now.

Stop, right there. HOW DOES HE KNOW????? He has not only memorized my schedule, but he immediately makes the time conversions in his head?

Me: Oh, well…*mind races, thinks, ‘Well, yes, daddy, in fact I should be in class right now, but there was an infestation, I believe it was tiphiid wasps’*
Dad: Why aren’t you in class, sweetheart? You don’t feel well?

Stop, again. The man just gave me my out. ‘Yes, daddy, *cough*, something is going around the dorm. I think the Swine Flu vaccine gave me Bird Flu. I am teething. My earlobes hurt.’ ANYTHING. Not to mention that I could have just said class was canceled because our prof didn’t show up! When there is no way to verify, lying should be so easy!

Me: Well… *He has told me that when I begin a sentence with ‘Well” that I must be searching for what to say, so I am not going to tell the truth; you never have to try to remember the truth.*
Dad: Latin, right? Are you on a field trip to some sort of museum of Latin history?
Me: As a matter of fact…
Dad: Megan *Using his next to highest level of stern dad tone*
Me: I just didn’t want to.
Dad: So I pay all this money for you to decide, on a whim, that you don’t want to go to class?
Me: I am still eating at the dining hall today, daddy, so it’s not a total waste. I mean you pay for that, too.
Dad: For now.
Me: Daddy, did you call for a reason? I am very busy, today.
Dad: Megan *That was the highest level*

Stupid phone. Why must you entice me with your siren song ring which I cannot resist?!?!


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