Evangelization in a disaster

Another student at school today stated that he wished he had the opportunity to go to Haiti and help because “It’s a great opportunity to spread the Gospel.” I was stunned by what he said, and at a loss for words. Not angry. But incredulous. He did not see an opportunity to help suffering people, but an opportunity to evangelize. There is no doubt that the words of Jesus Himself tell us to make believers of all (Matthew 28:16-20) however, Jesus did not tell us when nor how to go about fulfilling “The Great Commission”. I have discussed the famous quote from St. Francis of Assisi with a friend here just recently:

“Spread the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words.”

In a disaster, shouldn’t the words of St. Francis be given extra attention? Can a disaster present an opportunity for evangelism? Should it?



3 responses to “Evangelization in a disaster

  1. I have no tolerance for the Pat Robertson crowd. It is an opportunity to help people. We should hope that people help us when we are in this situation.

    • scrambledmegzntoast

      Yes, there is a time for open evangelism and a time to help. This is a time to just help. Thank you for reading and commenting 😀

  2. Why do people think Haiti needs to be evangelized? It is estimated that 90% of the country is Christian/Catholic. After the earthquake did youy watch CNN?
    Did you see the Haitians walking in the streets singing hymns? Did you see them singing and praising God as they were taken out of the rubble? Did you hear who they trusted in while they were trapped under their own homes? Did they fear death and start to whine and cry? No. They trusted the Lord. perhaps we need to be evangelized by the Haitians and not the other way around. On 911, I saw New Yorkers screaming fleeing down the streets and across the bridges, quite a different scenario than in haiti and they had much worse to start with.

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