Low expectations

I wasn’t ever going to do anything anyway. Sex outside of marriage, drugs, underage drinking; my parents always assumed that I wouldn’t do these things. The more that I read about sex education, drugs, drinking, reckless driving and all of the other risky behaviors that are supposed to mark my age group, the more that I realize that I was never cursed with low expectations.

Teenagers are going to have sex anyway, give them condoms and “knowledge”.

Teenagers are going to drink anyway, make the drinking age lower and serve them alcohol in your home so they don’t go out and drink.

Teenagers are going to do drugs anyway, make them legal and get the tax revenue.

Teenagers will act like self-destructive idiots anyway, so let them. Expect them to do so, and make it easier if possible. When did society decide that it hated us so much that it would write us off as a collective lost cause? I can’t quite identify the true nature or origin of these beliefs. In blogs and blog comments, it seems to be people who are only a little older than me who are most vehement in their condemnation. I can’t help but think they were having sex in a car at 16 while driving drunk and smoking marijuana. All at the same time. Because of this, and in order to justify their behavior, they wish to believe that all other teens do the same.

I am no different. Look, they are all idiots too. Teen girls are all sluts. After all, I was one, and I was normal.

Dum excusare credis, accusas.

Your low expectations are destroying us. Be it Generation Y or Z, we are capable of so much more than you believe. You need only ask, yet you choose to dismiss.



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