Abortion supporters vs. Tim Tebow and his mom

“Womens groups” (as opposed to groups of women, I suppose) are asking CBS to refuse to air a commercial during the Super Bowl that is being produced by the Christian group Focus on the Family. According to people who know what the ad is about, it will star famous college football quarterback and multi-post Revelife topic Tim Tebow and his mom, where his mom will recount her pregnancy with Tim when it was recommended that she have an abortion after getting sick during her pregnancy. Mrs. Tebow refused, gave birth to little Tim, and brought joy to University of Florida football fans everywhere 20 years later.

According to the Vice President of the National Organization for Women (since when does a group that makes up 51% of the population need an organization to protect it’s rights to…apparently kowtow to an ultra-liberal political agenda?), the ad is “hate masquerading as love”. Apparently, Mrs. Tebow actually hates women because she chose to give birth to her child. Wait, I thought these people were “pro-choice?”

Valid questions can be brought up as to if the Super Bowl is the proper venue for this kind of commercial, however, in my opinion, if Focus on the Family is willing to pay over $2 million for 30 seconds of time, that is their right as long as the commercial does not violate basic standards of decency. When the biggest audience of TV watchers of the year is a captive audience, why is it so wrong for a Christian group to present its agenda alongside beer companies and car makers? Perhaps the current economy made it less likely that CBS would refuse this type of ad, as they may be having trouble filling all their advertising spaces, but should CBS refuse a legitimate advertisement because it may offend someone?



4 responses to “Abortion supporters vs. Tim Tebow and his mom

  1. The left fears the truth. To them, it doesn’t matter if there is truth in the ad, it only matters that it upsets their agenda to kill babies. They are sick!

    • I think this group fears the truth. I don’t know if I would broadly say it has anything to do with liberal politics. Thanks for commenting 😀

  2. I sincerely hope that this ad would bring hope and healing to women and not the type of condemnation and ridicule that so many have cynically come to expect. That would be the kind of thing that could truly bring people together instead of politicizing this issue and dividing us further. Anything less would be a disappointment.

    • I agree. They showed about ten seconds of it on the news, and it just seems to be Mrs. Tebow talking about her pregnancy, what went wrong, and her decision. It seems to be a very positive message. Thanks for commenting 😀

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