Do atheists really believe this?

A friend of mine invited me to attend a get-together of some atheists yesterday and, being curious, I accepted. If anything, I could speak about Christianity and make them see that we are not all that bad. The discussion was mostly centered on atheist philosophies, a lot of Richard Dawkins this and Sigmund Freud that. But one of the atheists made a very disturbing comment that received no argument from the others.

“Hitler was a good start, exterminating the Jews and their ‘God’ is the best first step toward ridding the world of the scourge of Christianity”

Did he mean to say that Jews, then Christians, should be exterminated in order to rid the world of God? I asked for clarification. Noone disputed the premise, but none of them seemed to want to kill me right there on the spot, either.

Is this a common atheist belief? We recently elected a Christian President, will we, or should we, ever again?

Thanks for the inspiration.


3 responses to “Do atheists really believe this?

  1. I assume this was a response to a silly post about Christians and not a serious question. But if it is serious, umm… no. Atheists (as a consequential quality of being atheist) do not believe that.

  2. I find all religion abhorrent and dangerous. A totalitarian system of fear, superstition, falsehood and hate. Nothing more.
    But no Atheists don’t believe all Christians should be purged.

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