Google and why paranoid people creep me out

During lunch today, NPR was playing in the dining hall and we heard a story about schools switching their student’s email over to Google Gmail. GoogleI didn’t know that this was any kind of an issue; my school uses Gmail for our email–just like my high school did–and I didn’t know that other schools used anything else. The story featured a student at Yale University who is opposed to the school using Gmail because of “privacy” concerns. He admitted that he uses Gmail for his personal email, but that is different because he chooses to do that and he can choose to stop at anytime; he opposes the school forcing him to use Gmail for his school email.

This boy reminded me of the people who are making a big deal about only filling in the first box on the Census (*rolls eyes*). The alternative to Gmail is having email on some email system run by your school. So either your email will be on computers owned by Google or on computers owned by your school. What is the difference? And why are you concerned anyway? You should only be using school email for school purposes. Personally, I hate email. I read my school email every day because I have to and it is the main email on my phone (which is a Google Droid), however I only check my personal email about once a week. And I love Google.

Are people too over-concerned about “privacy”? If you are not doing anything wrong, I don’t see that you should be freaking out. That doesn’t make any sense, to me, at all. What do you think?

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