Boy boobs!!!

I don’t know what Consumer Reports is, other than it is apparently a magazine, but they seem to have a problem with a commercial for the Microsoft “Kin” phone. In the ad, a boy sticks the phone under his shirt, takes a picture and sends it to a girl. So, here is the commercial.

Consumer Reports wrote an article about the commercial saying that it “comes uncomfortably close to advocating sexting.” I don’t know if the people who write for Consumer Reports are familiar with phones, but they can all be used for sexting. Well, I guess some of them do not have cameras, so almost all of them can be used for sexting. I am surprised that they did not get upset and claim that the commercial advocates kissing. The funny thing is, you can see to what lengths Consumer Reports had to go to find the “offensive” parts; they actually paused the commercial, and showed shots of the boy taking the picture and the girl looking at the picture because they know most people will not even be able to see what happened. Because of the article, Microsoft has changed the commercial, taking out the boy pron.

Obviously, I don’t condone sexting, but I think a bigger deal is made of it than it really is by older people who need to justify their belief that teenagers are satanic little heathens. But I guess if you read Consumer Reports, you might already feel that way.

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