Students in public schools are going to Hell

Or so says the guy who runs this site. Insane, conservative, weird evangelical people really like to say that people who don’t agree with them are “asleep”, by the way. Anyway, this man’s opinion is that sending kids to public schools will ultimately lead them to Hell. In addition to Hell, they are more likely to “engage in sex and perversions”, “be indoctrinated in Sodomy/homosexuality and encouraged to experience it in Government schools” (really, actually in school, like during class?), and get stds, get pregnant, and whole lot of other things that will presumably happenbefore Hell.

I went to public school in first grade then to Catholic schools from second grade and on, so I didn’t experience any of this sodomy or perversion firsthand. I am not a big believer in public schools, but I don’t think I would go quite this far. Do you think private schools are better for kids?


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