Drilling and mining for blood

I wonder if any of the families or friends of the 11 people killed by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico were chanting “Drill, Baby, Drill” along with the others at the Republican National Convention in 2008? I wonder if those whose jobs depend upon the Gulf Coast fish and shrimp were chanting along with Sarah Palin?

Blood<OilPerhaps it was only the profit motive that led BP to oppose stricter regulations on offshore oil drilling and Massey Energy to ignore safety rules on, literally, thousands of occasions over the last decade. Safety is expensive and inconvenient. BP knows that. Massey Energy knows that. Tesoro knows that. The 300,000,000 plus Americans who don’t know anyone who died recently on the Deepwater Horizon, in the Upper Big Branch mine, or in Anacortes, Washington (47 men and women in all) mostly only care about cheap gas and electricity. If it means less to spend on the new TV or “McMansion”, the body count be damned. And if human lives don’t matter, you can be sure that animals and those who have not been born matter even less. I am sure many Americans shook their heads and said “That’s a shame” every time they watched the news over the last few weeks, then went out and filled up the Range Rover while leaving the thermostat set at a comfortable 72 degrees.

We have the cheapest energy in the industrial world, but you would never know it by asking. Americans, possessing the grandest sense of entitlement in history, feel they pay far too much. So bring on more men and women to the slaughter. We don’t have to see their children cry.

Drill, Baby, Drill.

Do you care how many people die so you can have cheap energy and gas?


One response to “Drilling and mining for blood

  1. The world is powered by oil and coal and adults make the decision to go get it, despite the risks. They get paid well and realize that the point of life isn’t to arrive safely at death. They are heroes and not to be pitied. I suppose you also want to do away with cars and airplanes and all other forms of progress that the industrial world offers, simply because of some risk. You don’t realize that without cheap energy we would have much more poverty, with more people out of work and more people unable to heat their homes. But you won’t see the old lady freezing to death in her apartment because she can’t afford to heat it so I guess you don’t care.

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