The not so subtle semantics of racism and ageism

When tea party members–predominantly old and virtually all white–gather, it is called a “peaceful protest”. The fact that they are implicitly threatening violence doesn’t matter.

Tea party guy with a sign that says "We came unarmed (this time)"

When opponents of the Arizona immigration law–many young, many Hispanic–gather, it is called “rioting”.

Arizona immigration law protestors at the Arizona capital

The thing with being a bigot is that you probably don’t know that you’re one.


6 responses to “The not so subtle semantics of racism and ageism

  1. I’m surprised racist laws can still be enacted and our president is black. o_O

  2. What you don’t realize, or don’t want to mention, is that the left sends people to these tea parties with signs like that to discredit the tea party. I have been to several tea parties and all of the people were decent and law abiding folk who are concerned about excessive government spending and personal liberty issues as well.

    • Your response does not help your credibility or that of the tea party. It really only makes me see you more as someone who refuses to admit they, or their beliefs, could have flaws or that there could be people among your movement who have bad intentions. All movements have bad people involved. Your reply makes me think you have a big persecution complex…that you think everyone is out to get you. Just admit that there are people in the tea party who have bad intentions, I don’t hold them against you. Saying they are all planted by your opponents just sounds creepy.

      • I can only speak for what I have seen. There were some LaRouche people with a table outside the tea party I was at with the Hitler/Obama signs. They weren’t part of the planning and weren’t welcomed. Most people seemed like decent people who were concerned about economic and civil liberties. We are not interested in having people like you, or any people, taking our money or our freedom for own own good. It isn’t about hate, it is about liberty. It is known that there are tea party crashers out there. Also in Maryland we had the State Police infiltrating the anti-war movement during the Bush regime. I wouldn’t put it past them trying to discredit the tea party movement with more radical signs.
        As for sounding creepy, well sadly you aren’t the first woman to say that ;-).

  3. They should send the riot police out any time more than two people get together to talk about anything.

    Also… so does your latest post mean you’re leaving xanga for good?

    • Leaving as in not posting there anymore, yes. I am not going to close my account because there are a few people whose posts I still like to read.

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