I made my stepmom cry

I have actually done so a few times, but last night was different. I was on Twitter and Facebook and such for a while last night and then went to my dad and Cathy’s (my stepmom) room to lay in their bed and watch tv. I came back out about an hour later and my stepmom was sniffling and my dad was sitting next to her and comforting her and talking quietly. This usually means I have done something wrong. She had her laptop on her lap so I was curious about what she had read, and if it was written by me or about me. She looked up, put the laptop down, and came over to me, gave me a hug out of nowhere, and went to check on Mary, my baby sister. That’s not usually the reaction I get when I cause trouble, so the curiosity and bewilderment grew. Cathy had been checking her Twitter timeline, and I suppose that I don’t recognize what my subconscious does until it is pointed out to me. Apparently this is the third time (that my dad can name) I have done this in the past few weeks. I was tweeting away:

I was on Facebook and my mom said she thought I hated Facebook then referred to it as “Skynet”. That sounds bad.

I don’t think about these things, but they mean something to Cathy. She was “her” at first. Then she was my “stepmom” and sometimes “my Cathy”. My mother is probably still the biggest influence in my life, even six years later. I don’t go a day without thinking about her and she cannot be replaced, of course. But this woman, who has no biological attachment to me, has unconditionally loved me over the last four years like no person other than my dad. There are times where I have been just awful to her and she has never once reciprocated. And when I think about it, to think that my dad would choose someone who was any different is an impossibility.

I didn’t conscientiously mean to leave “step” off. But I won’t go back and change that tweet, either.


3 responses to “I made my stepmom cry

  1. yes, dont change it.
    it was just habit to put that i guess

  2. I noticed that, but I didn’t want to say anything. Just kind of smiled. I’m glad she noticed though.

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