I shouldn’t impose my beliefs

“So u would vote against someone elses rights, which don’t even affect you, because YOU don’t like the way they live. I fail to see how this is not hate.”

-Typical moral relativist

She’s right. I have been so wrong by imposing my beliefs on others, and judging what others do…this discerning “right” from “wrong” that I have a tendency toward. Because those things are just relative, and who am I, or anyone, to say what is right or what is wrong?

  • I may believe that you are poor and hungry but I will no longer help or work for change to help you eat. You may want to be poor and hungry and who am I to judge?
  • I may believe that you need medical care and health insurance, but maybe you don’t want treatment? I shouldn’t do anything to force you.
  • I may believe that someone shouldn’t steal your car, but some people believe in stealing cars and it’s not right for me to impose my beliefs on them. Sorry.
  • I may believe that you shouldn’t do drugs, drink, and smoke while pregnant, but some people want to do that and it’s the woman’s choice (her body, after all) and who am I to say otherwise?
  • I may believe that BP should take responsibility for polluting the waters off the coast of Louisiana but they may not want to take responsibility and who am I to force them?
  • I may believe that Arizona’s new immigration law is wrongheaded and mean-spirited, but they disagree. Who am I to say they are wrong?
  • I may believe that racists shouldn’t threaten the President, but they want to do that. Why should I tell them otherwise?

Ohhhh. As a “liberal”, you mean you believe in these things too? And you want us to do something about them? OK, well you let me know exactly which judgments I am allowed to make and which I am not allowed to make, please. I’ll be awaiting your input.


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