I didn’t have sex while writing this post

Warning: I am going to say the word “sex” a lot in this blog. I’m not sure how my boyfriend and I manage to stay busy when we’re together since we aren’t always having sex. According to what people seem to expect of two 18-year-olds, we should have sex for no other reasons than boredom. Since both of us are committed to saving this act meant for husbands and wives for when we are actually husbands and wives (hopefully to each other ), we have to be extra creative when it comes to finding ways to pass the time.

Two Friday nights ago, we went to the movies and saw Inception–it was good!–and we didn’t go home and have sex. Instead, we went to Jack in the Box and had onion rings and milkshakes. Now, I obviously don’t know anything about sex but I don’t see it beating onion rings and milkshakes. The next day, we went to Seattle Center and rode the lame roller coaster. And we didn’t even have sex during the ride! And we probably could have, because did I mention that it’s a lame roller coaster? So what else do we do to have fun while keeping all of our clothes on? Hey, this is a list post!

1. Bring video games to life! A finger gun becomes a needler and Halo becomes a reality in the front yard. Lemons make good grenades.

2. Find a playground. Monkey bars! Just scare any stupid little kids off and play for hours. If you can synchronize swinging well enough, you can still carry on a good conversation.

3. Games. I prefer Apples to Apples, and living in the Pacific Northwest provides enough rainy days that playgrounds and Halo wars are not always practical.

4. The Zoo. The zoo is the cheapest day of entertainment that you can ever find. Penguins. Monkeys. Giraffes. What else do you want? Sometimes there is sex involved, but please give the hippopotami some privacy. Thank you dad for telling me that they were recently married in a quiet ceremony with an elephant presiding. About 12 years later, I will still take your word for it.

These are just a few of the things that Matt and I do instead of having sex. I know it sounds crazy, especially if you read a lot of blogs by people my age on a regular basis, but there are more of us like Matt and me than not. I promise.


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