The Secret World of Teenagers!!!

One of this week’s most popular news stories was about the flight attendant who freaked out, cussed at a passenger, and left the plane using those inflatable emergency slides, taking a beer from the beverage cart along with him. I try so hard to maintain my faith in humanity and not read the comments on stories on CNN, but I usually end up doing so. In this case, almost 100% of the comments supported the flight attendant and there were many comments saying that the passenger involved in the incident should be publicly named and how much of an awful b***h she must be. Well, it turns out that now at least six other passengers have come out and publicly said the flight attendant instigated the whole thing, he was acting extremely rude to everyone during the entire flight, and he cursed at the passenger first. No passengers have actually fully supported his version of the story.

Our news programs and online news sources make money by getting a story first. That means they are not going to be doing a whole lot of investigation or actual journalism before publishing the story. We love to be fed stories that can make us believe the worst about people. We particularly love those stories if they are about politicians, celebrities, popular people on Xanga, people who are different from us (different races or nationalities) and, apparently, teenagers. On Healthkicker, a Xangan wrote a satirical post about teens “needling” themselves (sticking themselves with needles). The majority of comments, even after the author admitted in a comment that he had made the entire thing up, bashed teens as idiots for doing such a thing. It’s not just a lack of critical reading skills (the post is replete with signs of a hoax) but it seems that people want to believe that teenagers are the worse human beings imaginable and will assume anything that supports that belief to be true.

Confirmation bias….yay??

I know it’s a logical fallacy to use me and my friends of proof of anything, but everyone I know is horrified of needles and getting shots, as am I, so no we are not going to be sticking needles into ourselves. Local news shows are excellent sources for those willing to believe any hysterical claims about teens; a few times a week, the local news will give you a peek into the…


“Wearing shoes on the wrong feet: The deadly new trend among teens! Your teen could be wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and you might not even know!!!”

Cut to a crying mom blaming Facebook, then an expert talking about peer pressure. This has to be stopped!!! We are losing an entire generation to slightly deformed feet!!!!!!

I’m not sure why anyone would think Healthkicker would discover a trend before anyone else and I hope they don’t write about that thing me and my friends do with the blender and the peanut butter. Shhhhhhh!!!! But for the rest of us, perhaps we need to just do a little better at giving people the benefit of the doubt, sometimes?


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