These days ahead

Next Tuesday I officially begin my sophomore year as a college student. I am praying that this year goes better than last; or at least the first semester of last year.  Those three and a half months were a complete disaster marked by homesickness, actual sickness and hospitalization, and a constant feeling that I was getting beaten on by my math class. I think that having the same roommate and the same residence hall will help my comfort level immensely this year. I need this continuity, as I don’t know if many of you know that I am very much a creature of habit. Too many changes to my routine too quickly cause me to stop functioning and I turn into a monosyllabic idiot. Oh. OK. No. Yeah. Eeek.

The thought of Friday’s flight already has my nerves on end. I wish they would just give me a shot to subdue me and lock me in a cage in the baggage compartment like they do with family pets. I will throw up (sorry, you really don’t need to know this) at least once before landing in Chicago, hopefully before I leave our house for Sea-Tac. Fortunately, handsome businessmen have a very high tolerance for me, as do grandmas, and I am usually seated next to one or the other. I’m staying in Chicago Friday night and all day Saturday. That should be interesting, I know enough about the city to get around a little and pass the time on Saturday. On Sunday, my roommate and her dad are driving in from Wisconsin. Since they have to drive through Chicago, they will pick me up and we should be at school by noon if they get going at 6:00 AM per Laura’s dad’s plans. I know Laura well enough to know that we will arrive at school by 3:00 at best. They were nice enough to store my bedding and Xbox and such, which is a huge help. Small things like that make the moving for school so much easier.

My previous mention of my fight with math last year may lead you to believe Environmental Geosciences to be an odd choice for a major. I considered Political Science among other majors that do not include time spent near the College of Engineering. But my career choice is to be an attorney specializing in environmental law. I want to understand environmental issues beyond what the USC or CFR say about them. I want to intimidate my opponents not just with my legal prowess, but my ability to discuss mineral equilibria. I actually recovered and received a B in that math course; it’s not as though I am incapable of understanding the hard sciences, I have only realized that I had mistakenly convinced myself that I am not a “math person”. I am taking 18 credit hours this semester, including two lab hours. I love labs, but I hate the fact that they are all scheduled in the late afternoon. Anyway, here are my five classes:

  • Physical Geology with a Lab
  • Calculus I
  • Chemical Principles with a Lab
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Catholic Moral Theology

So, congratulations if you are still reading this pointless and boring post. I guess I am hoping that other people going back to school will tell me that my experiences sound familiar in some way so I don’t continue to think my emotional maturity level is still something like 14 while the rest of you are at 18 or 19 where I belong. This school year includes a very serious commitment to less blogging, not that I think that will be hard to do. I will write a post or two about rocks when I have a chance .


One response to “These days ahead

  1. The.Big.Show.At.UD

    I read it all and remembered how GLAD I AM to be finished with school, forever. Thanks!

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