Will Smith

If the movie is 1% good tomatoes (or 99% rotten tomatoes…I forget how the tomato system works), directed by someone whose previous work is made up entirely of commercials for Vern Fonk Insurance (if you live near the Pacific Northwest you know them) and has a soundtrack by first round Idol losers I will likely not go see it unless…it stars the one and only…ladies and gentlemen…

Mr. Will Smith

Will Smith

Don’t even try to tell me there is an actor who combines handsomeness, intelligence, humor, grace, sensitivity, and toughness any better than Will. In Hollywood terminology, it is said that he is the one actor who can “open” a movie better than any other. His movies make more at the box office, on average, than any other actor. Independence Day, Men In Black 1 and 2, I am Legend, I Robot, Hancock, Seven Pounds, Enemy of the State, The Pursuit of Happyness. Will has only appeared in 19 movies, a low amount for most actors, and only the first two didn’t make over $100 million.

Funny Will (bad language!)

What makes a great actor? Maybe being the star of a huge movie where you are the only person on the screen for about 2/3 of the film as Will does in I am Legend. And then, when he is actually on screen with another person, Will startles and amazes me.

I don’t like movies with cursing, and I don’t care for scary movies or movies with a lot of violence yet I can watch Hancock, or I am Legend again and again. And I do, plus I also have I Robot, both Men in Black, and Seven Pounds on DVD. Because of Will. Are there any actors that will cause you to see a movie, no matter how bad it looks, just because they are the star?


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