I’m not

Stupid. You have a different life experience than me, and probably more life experience. That doesn’t mean that you are more intelligent or capable than I am. My grandmother has far more life experience than you and she doesn’t go around calling you stupid.

A cynic. People are always capable of doing better and they usually come through. I don’t believe in questioning the motives of others unless they have given me a good reason to do so.

Sarcastic. If you have known me for any length of time, you know of my contempt for sarcasm; I consider it a tool of an uncreative mind and, even more certainly, a serious lack of writing skill.

Confident. The confident girl you see here does not actually exist. I push myself to do things but so much of my time is spent in doubt.

Thick-skinned. You really don’t know how easy it is to make me cry. I wish it wasn’t and I wish I wasn’t usually lashing out at people through tears.

Calm. I’m anti-calm. I am alternately excited, moody, angry, forgiving, bellicose and at any time in mid meltdown or temper-tantrum.

I’m not.












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