Killing people for the environment

First off, I consider myself to be a very strong proponent of the environment; the threat of global warming is real and the claims are backed up by legitimate science regardless of what the “deniers” try to say. That is a huge reason why this type of advertising campaign bothers me, among many other reasons. When the pro-environmental message is mixed in with this kind of stupidity, it makes the message easier to mock and dismiss. So this is a video from the British part of the group 10:10 Global, which is a group that advocates cutting carbon emissions by 10% per year starting this year (10%, 2010 = 10:10); a good intention despite the fact that the entire thing was clearly made up in meeting rooms by marketing experts. The video is, and let’s see if I can exhaust my adjectives here: gross, inappropriate, juvenile, tasteless, unfunny…you get the point.

The group took the video down and put up a half-hearted, rather condescending apology. But beyond the disgusting video content and the amazingly poor judgment needed to depict kids in this way, the video poses a serious question about the beliefs of many of those who are advancing the pro-environment cause. This goes hand in hand with the overpopulation hysterics of those who think all procreation should have ended the second after they were born. The correct message that we should embrace when talking about global warming is that this is an issue about saving lives; it is in some ways the ultimate “pro-life” movement. What possible place does exploding people who don’t step in line with the message have? And what about the lies told to the unfortunate exploding people? It’s ok if you disagree, you are free to do so. It reminds me so much of so many so-called “open-minded” people online; they are all about freedom of speech and tolerance right up until the point that you don’t agree with them.


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