God spelled backwards is Dog

My friend, Paul, sent me these pictures; these two churches, a Catholic Parish and a Presbyterian church, sit across the road from each other. I think it’s funny how the Presbyterians didn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about the whole thing 😀

Catholic Church sign says "All dogs go to Heaven"

Presbyterian church sign says "Only humans go to Heaven, read the Bible"

Catholic Church sign says "God loves all His creations, dogs included"

Presbyterian church sign says "Dogs don't have souls, this is not open to debate"

Catholic Church sign says "Catholic dogs go to Heaven, Presbyterian dogs can talk to their Pastor"

Presbyterian church sign that says "Converting to Catholocism does not magically grant your dog a soul"

Catholic Church sign that says "Free dog souls with conversion"

Presbyterian church sign says "Dogs are animals. There aren't any rocks in Heaven either"

Catholic Church sign says "All rocks go to Heaven"


8 responses to “God spelled backwards is Dog

  1. HAHAHA good one, Megan. I laughed.

  2. That is hilarious!!! Where are these churches. Curious because we live in the Midwest… bible belt + sense of humor toward God = not gonna happen.

    • I’m not sure where they are. My friend who sent me the pictures lives in Canada, but the Presbyterian church does seem sort of like it is in the south. They sometimes don’t think much of Catholics haha.

  3. yeah ! well…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H17edn_RZoY 🙂
    EastCoast Presbyopianz (like me :-p )-lurve to laugh

  4. I’ve seen this before. It is funny. I quite enjoy the Church Sign Generator.

  5. No rocks in Heaven? Isn’t there a hymn called Rock of Ages? Isn’t Christ the Cornerstone? Aren’t we living stones?

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