Happy Meals and so-called “gay marriage”

Happy MealI suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that San Francisco would decide that it can tell McDonald’s they are no longer allowed to sell a safe, legal product. If you have not heard about this, San Francisco, a city dominated by very vocal and powerful homosexuals, has passed a law that says McDonald’s can no longer put toys in Happy Meals unless the meals meet certain guidelines, mainly being under a certain amount of calories. Trying to keep little kids from becoming fat is a good thing, but I don’t see how Happy Meals are the main cause of obesity as opposed to lack of exercise and parents who let kids go overboard. I ate plenty of Happy Meals, I still like them sometimes, and I have never been overweight. Millions of other people are the same. But San Francisco’s “progressive” idea that they (homosexuals) know what is best for everyone and their hatred for big companies makes this type of insanely ridiculous law OK by them. Of course McDonald’s should do the right thing and ignore the law and sue all the way to the Supreme Court when it is enforced, but the fear of bad public relations will stop that.

Let’s not forget that San Francisco is the same place that has, as an official act of the city, condemned the Catholic Church in clear violation of the First Amendment and they have been upheld by a federal court in doing so. When I am asked the same question, over and over, by so-called “gay marriage” advocates why I oppose redefining marriage, I say again and again that I don’t trust homosexual activists to not attempt to force the Church to marry gay people (they already have talked openly of doing so and groups like “rainbow sash” have proven that homosexual rights advocates are openly hateful of the Church and want to see it brought down). I also don’t trust our courts or legislatures to protect the Church. Given the homosexual proclivity to use the power of the state to enforce their own brand of “morality” on everyone else, does it seem unreasonable for me to be concerned? You not being concerned is unreasonable.


8 responses to “Happy Meals and so-called “gay marriage”

  1. I want some apple dippers!

  2. You do know you are starting to look at least as anti big government as I am.

    Why can’t they be trusted not to force churches into allowing homosexual marriage? Because they have lied about everything so far. Not so long ago saying that homosexuals would soon be demanding marriages and adoption rights was called a ridicules slippery slope argument. Those slippery slopes are now the man arguments. Just how far does that slippery slope go?

  3. San Fransisco’s happy meal ban is useless. Parents can just go to Oakland to get their kids happy meals.

  4. You wrote about the Happy Meal ban “they are no longer allowed to sell a safe, legal product.”

    Safe in the sense that cigarettes are safe. You won’t fall over and die after taking the product, but overtime it will likely cause serious health problems. In this case it will cause diabetes, hearth problems, and cancer. Studies have also found that the fast food companies have put in additives to make the product more addictive.

    Legal? Well, it isn’t legal for children any more, is it? Just as the government can ban alcohol, tobacco, firearms, fireworks, and sex for minors, so can it ban another product that is likely to cause serious health problems.

    “I ate plenty of Happy Meals, I still like them sometimes, and I have never been overweight. ”
    You still like Happy Meals? You are a teenager. When you hit your late 20s you are going to be putting on the pounds if you still eat the garbage that they sell at McDonalds.

    “Of course McDonald’s should do the right thing and ignore the law”

    Great advice. Is that what they teach you at ND? What other laws is it permissible to ignore? Is it okay if I sell marijuana to children? What about snuff?

    “sue all the way to the Supreme Court ”

    On what legal theory? The State has general police powers to regulate these things, especially when it comes to children. We are not dealing with the lazia-faire court of Lochner anymore. McDonalds and fast food consumers are not considered a protected class so the State would only have to show a rational basis for the law. This is the lowest standard out there and will be very easy to meet.

    Comments blaming homosexuals disregarded.

  5. You’ve clearly got some rage issues you need to work through. I just thought I’d respond to your statement about gay marriage, but if you’re not interested in a discussion, I’ll leave you alone. I hope that once you calm down you’ll think through what I said. Gay people don’t want to force anyone to perform their wedding. They just want the same right to marry the person they love. Giving them that right won’t hurt you one bit.

    • Why can’t you people just leave me alone. I’m shutting this wordpress down. I’m tired of being harassed because I have an opinion that you don’t like. I’m so fucking tired of all of you. Fuck this.

  6. This is crap.

  7. I hope you change your mind about closing your blog.

    It’s not popular to tell it as it is. There is no such thing as “gay marriage” any more than one would pronounce a toaster and a kettle as being married. Why is it that we’re so often accused of meddling in the lives of others, when it’s clear to see that this secular and homosexual agenda seeks to completely undermine everything that we are? Look at the Anglican Church. They’ll turn themselves in to a circus if it means increasing their popularity, but that’s not how the Catholic Church works.

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