What are we to fight for?

My friend and I had a brief discussion today about the proper role of Christians in politics, a discussion that was prompted by the common secular refrain that Christians should avoid trying to “impose” their beliefs on others through legislation, i.e. voting. We could probably argue for all eternity about the true meaning of the concept of being “in the world and not of the world” (a paraphrase of John 15.19). It is my belief that in order to reconcile our command to make believers of all with our command to live by Christ’s teachings, we cannot exclude introducing those we hope to be believers to those teachings. From a more practical, just standpoint, why do secularists get to do so much belief imposing while we should sit aside and wait for God to act?

CrusaderWait for God to act, right? Yes, pray, but how does God typically act? Is it a thunderbolt from the sky? A booming voice in the clouds? He acts through us! We act on His behalf and yes that even includes voting, political activism and other uses of the inherent power of the state and the mechanisms set up by the state for individuals to act as policy influencers.

My friend argues that not acting, as an opportunity to bring upon persecution (say the state decides to ban Christianity) is a worthwhile step as that persecution is what we should welcome. But here is the problem. If we sit back and never say “Abortion is wrong! Gay marriage is wrong! Capital Punishment, unjust war, and ignoring the sick and poor are all wrong!” we will never be persecuted! Persecution only comes when someone stands up to the wrongdoers. Christians sitting on their collective butts will not bring persecution and it certainly will not bring Parousia. What it will bring is irrelevancy and, I would guess, Satan’s will being done on a massive scale.

I am not calling for Christians to be Republicans or Democrats, liberals nor conservatives. The teachings of Christ are decidedly independent and non-partisan. Even better than the one time promise of our current American President, Christ is absolutely pre-partisan. I am calling for Christians to be vocal outside of the Church instead of allowing this world we are in to be shaped by those who may well not be of the one we claim to inhabit. You may shy away from imposing your beliefs on others but you are naive to think others–today’s secularists are not very much different from the Caliphs that prompted the Crusades–are not going to be very enthusiastic about imposing their beliefs on you.


4 responses to “What are we to fight for?

  1. Did you know that the spelling of your URL doesn’t match your picture at the top?

    Hopefully I’ll be the first to comment. We’ll see how that works out though.

    I think to some extent you misunderstand, or inadvertently misrepresent my view. I’m not saying to be apathetic on things, I’m saying that voting shouldn’t be a weapon the Christian uses in this battle. Instead, we need to call people to repentance, and tell the nation to repent as well.

    That, and many of the things that government provides would be better provided by Christians, and the government, when it decides to get involved, does worse. And, sadly, knowing the government is doing it, Christians stop.

    I’m not saying not acting would bring about persecution, per se, though, I think eventually it would. But, I’m also not advocating for not acting, just saying that the way we act needs to be non-violent, and shouldn’t involve participating in the “American civic religion” by voting.

    I do agree with you that simple passivity or apathy would bring about irrelevance though. But, I also think that we have a much bigger thing to do than all of this, we need to be sharing the Gospel. If she share the Gospel, things will change regardless.

    A little more on voting, I’m not convinced that voting on a national level has much of an influence, and if anything breeds apathy. “I voted, my civic duty is done for 2-4 years.” The electoral college seems to have too much power in that, and corruption (see Chicago) eliminates or miscounts votes.

    However, what I am convinced about, is that Christians, living according to the Gospel, evangelizing, and caring for the needy, can make a difference in the world around them.

  2. There isn’t a single answer I could give because the problem is more complex.

    “We could probably argue for all eternity about the true meaning of the concept of being “in the world and not of the world” (a paraphrase of John 15.19).”

    You missed a few verses.

    “But here is the problem. If we sit back and never say “Abortion is wrong! Gay marriage is wrong! Capital Punishment, unjust war, and ignoring the sick and poor are all wrong!” we will never be persecuted!”

    That is not true because the Alliance Defense fund was established because Christians were doing nothing and still were being persecuted.

    “From a more practical, just standpoint, why do secularists get to do so much belief imposing while we should sit aside and wait for God to act?”

    How many women want a transgendered man in a public bathroom? Who is imposing on who?

    The system is one vote per person. No one is imposing on anyone by voting more than anyone else is imposing by voting.

    I had a female friend who shared a room in college with another woman and she couldn’t study in her own dorm because the other person was always having sex because it was their “right” which imposed upon her rights for the dorm (supposed to be a quiet place for study) she paid for.

    Why do you bring this discussion before the world (1 Cor. 6:1-6)? Therefore, I don’t seek to answer your post to the fullest.

    • OK, thanks for your comment. But, quite honestly, I don’t understand much of it. Are you asking me why I posted this?

  3. Megan,

    Do we really have any freedoms? I grew up in school receiting the pledge of allegiance and I was taught about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights only to be censored over and over again on the internet because people don’t believe or respect the First Amendment. People don’t care how many people died so that you could have these freedoms. I know a person who went to state court only to be told by a judge not to bring up the Constitution in his courtroom and he was told to go to federal court if he wanted to bring up the Constitution. Or imagine a judge who tells you that you have to bring up the Constitution in Latin because that is the only approved way they study it. The ten commandments are being taken down at courthouses because we’re no longer allowed to have religious liberty even though the First Amendment says that they’re not allowed to prohibit the free exercise of it. And should I or my children be drafted into military service to fight for freedoms that I and other people may no longer be allowed to have?

    We’re being attacked as a people over and over again but its okay. Bring up the issue and all of a sudden the non-Christians don’t care. When you bring the discussion before the world, they only see it as one issue because they don’t see it as someone has been taking away the Christian’s rights for years. They don’t care about that part at all. Show me a homosexual complaining about the Christian’s rights being violated in this country. Do you know any. But when you bring the discussion in front of other people like the world, what kind of discussion have you created? Have you created a fair discussion? What kind of discussion is it? It is a discussion about the Christian taking away the rights of homosexuals. How did you manage to turn the discussion around? How come the discussion is only about them? Have you read any news reports about churches being burned down? Have you read any news reports about Christians being sued because they wish to follow their religious beliefs? We’re saying, “Hey, I don’t want to be imposed upon by having a transgendered person in my bathroom or my children’s bathroom of the opposite sex” and somehow we’re taking away someone else’s rights instead of seeing it as other people imposing their beliefs upon us and we’re just defending ourselves?

    Why do homosexuals sue the boyscouts instead of joining the gay scouts or forming their own scouts? Why do homosexuals enter churches, look for housing arangements that are advertised to impose living with people they disagree with only to serve lawsuits because they know that other people have different religious values and say ‘no’ to different arangements? Remember the First Amendment that says Congress shall not prohibit the free exercise religion which includes whom I wish to share my house with. Who is imposing on my religious beliefs? Have you read about the church burnings in different states? Who is tolerant? We’re to blame? We’re to blame so its okay? And you want to have this one sided discussion so that it is us vs them? Its a one issue discussion where we’re only taking away their rights instead of protecting ours? Whose houses of worship are being burned down? Who is being sued? Read the blogs at the ACLJ, Pacific Law and Justice, Rutherford Institute, etc.

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