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God spelled backwards is Dog

My friend, Paul, sent me these pictures; these two churches, a Catholic Parish and a Presbyterian church, sit across the road from each other. I think it’s funny how the Presbyterians didn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about the whole thing 😀

Catholic Church sign says "All dogs go to Heaven"

Presbyterian church sign says "Only humans go to Heaven, read the Bible"

Catholic Church sign says "God loves all His creations, dogs included"

Presbyterian church sign says "Dogs don't have souls, this is not open to debate"

Catholic Church sign says "Catholic dogs go to Heaven, Presbyterian dogs can talk to their Pastor"

Presbyterian church sign that says "Converting to Catholocism does not magically grant your dog a soul"

Catholic Church sign that says "Free dog souls with conversion"

Presbyterian church sign says "Dogs are animals. There aren't any rocks in Heaven either"

Catholic Church sign says "All rocks go to Heaven"


Animal Extremism

There are many well-meaning people who want to do the best thing for animals and one of the things they want to do is get rid of zoos and other animal reserves. I understand that there are situations in which animals are mistreated, many circuses are a good example. I was reading a post on Facebook by the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle about their baby Humboldt Penguins that will be joining the adult penguins soon, and one comment caught my attention:

I know this woman is entirely well-meaning, and I didn’t respond out of not wanting to be taken the wrong way on the zoo’s Facebook page, but I want people to think about things like this a little more. It would be more depressing for these beautiful baby penguins to be eaten alive by a killer whale or Leopard seal. Instead, these penguins, which have a natural affinity for and no fear of, human beings (as they have no predators on land) get hand fed all the fish they can eat and are never separated from their parents who are also well fed. Our zoos are generally run and staffed by people who will do anything for the well being of the animals housed there. That doesn’t mean that I want all animals to be removed from the wild, but we can have animals available for us to see and learn from without it being inherently cruel as many think. Please think the entire situation through before reflexively thinking that we should set all the animals free. Oh, and by the way, though many penguins spend as much as 3/4 of their lives in the water, they rarely swim farther than about a half mile from their land habitat.