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Happy Meals and so-called “gay marriage”

Happy MealI suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that San Francisco would decide that it can tell McDonald’s they are no longer allowed to sell a safe, legal product. If you have not heard about this, San Francisco, a city dominated by very vocal and powerful homosexuals, has passed a law that says McDonald’s can no longer put toys in Happy Meals unless the meals meet certain guidelines, mainly being under a certain amount of calories. Trying to keep little kids from becoming fat is a good thing, but I don’t see how Happy Meals are the main cause of obesity as opposed to lack of exercise and parents who let kids go overboard. I ate plenty of Happy Meals, I still like them sometimes, and I have never been overweight. Millions of other people are the same. But San Francisco’s “progressive” idea that they (homosexuals) know what is best for everyone and their hatred for big companies makes this type of insanely ridiculous law OK by them. Of course McDonald’s should do the right thing and ignore the law and sue all the way to the Supreme Court when it is enforced, but the fear of bad public relations will stop that.

Let’s not forget that San Francisco is the same place that has, as an official act of the city, condemned the Catholic Church in clear violation of the First Amendment and they have been upheld by a federal court in doing so. When I am asked the same question, over and over, by so-called “gay marriage” advocates why I oppose redefining marriage, I say again and again that I don’t trust homosexual activists to not attempt to force the Church to marry gay people (they already have talked openly of doing so and groups like “rainbow sash” have proven that homosexual rights advocates are openly hateful of the Church and want to see it brought down). I also don’t trust our courts or legislatures to protect the Church. Given the homosexual proclivity to use the power of the state to enforce their own brand of “morality” on everyone else, does it seem unreasonable for me to be concerned? You not being concerned is unreasonable.


Quit acting like you care about thinspo

Be honest. You don’t care all that much about the health of these girls. When you sit down and write your vulgar little post attacking them, you aren’t thinking about the physical and mental conditions that accompany their “lifestyles”. I am sorry that girls with eating disorders bother you so much. I am sorry that you are so put out by their posts, or their messages (subscribing and friending is optional last time I looked), that you feel the need to call them stupid, terrible, and any other number of vulgar names.

I am glad that you are able to create drama with your anger and draw more traffic to your own site with your hateful screed. After all, what these girls really need is for you to beg for recommendations at their expense, right? They don’t need any understanding of the fact that they likely have emotional issues and physical problems. After all, they are only glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle, not screaming for attention.

Screaming for attention. It sounds familiar.