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The Nature of Justice

Scales of JusticeI have a friend who lives in the same res hall as I do, and we also share the same calculus class. She hates calculus; she is a music major and she just wants to get her math requirements over with and has no problem with doing so with a D. She doesn’t really study, she doesn’t take the class very seriously, and she only does the minimal amount of work on the assignments. I work extremely hard in this class; as math is not a strong subject for me, I still need to put in a lot of extra effort to get my A. I probably spend more time studying and getting extra help for calculus than any other class and I take the assignments very seriously. So, imagine if, when grades are posted, that I get my A and the instructor decides that she likes my friend and doesn’t want to punish her for disliking math so she gives her an A, also. How would I feel? The word “unfair” comes to mind. Instead of saying it’s unfair or not fair, I could also say the result of our grades was also unjust or not “just”.

When we think about justice, we think about the law, or God, or even our parents dishing out punishment that is rightfully deserved because of our actions. Justice is served when the bad guys get their just desserts. But that is justice in action. What exactly is the nature of justice? What makes justice right and deserving of being sought, be it by man or God? The Catechism defines justice as “the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbor.” Let’s go back to me and my friend. A nihilist or an objectivist, for example, might say “Megan, what do you care? You got your A. Don’t worry about her grade.” But thinking about what the Catechism says, we need to remember the objective of justice. In this case, it is our instructor who is wronging both of us; she is failing to give what is due to me because she is discounting my work by demonstrating that the end result of my efforts is the same as the end result of my friends lack of effort. Justice is not only punitive toward the offender, it is an example for those who make the effort to not offend. Those who do wrong get their due through punishment and those who do right get their due, in part, by reward and lack of punishment.

There has been a lot of Christian hand-wringing in the last 24 hours over the concept of justice. We need to be careful to separate Eternal justice and Earthly justice, of course, but there is no question that Osama Bin Laden’s fate yesterday was a just result for his actions. It may seem simplistic to say that it would be unjust for those of us who avoid terrorist murder sprees to see him be allowed to live, but that doesn’t mean it’s incorrect. It is just that those who do bad are punished be it death for those who do bad in an act of war, Hell for those who offend God, or a bad grade for those who offend calculus. Reward and lack of punishment, Heaven, and a good grade are the opposite ends of this virtue that I think we sometimes misunderstand.


Happy Meals and so-called “gay marriage”

Happy MealI suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that San Francisco would decide that it can tell McDonald’s they are no longer allowed to sell a safe, legal product. If you have not heard about this, San Francisco, a city dominated by very vocal and powerful homosexuals, has passed a law that says McDonald’s can no longer put toys in Happy Meals unless the meals meet certain guidelines, mainly being under a certain amount of calories. Trying to keep little kids from becoming fat is a good thing, but I don’t see how Happy Meals are the main cause of obesity as opposed to lack of exercise and parents who let kids go overboard. I ate plenty of Happy Meals, I still like them sometimes, and I have never been overweight. Millions of other people are the same. But San Francisco’s “progressive” idea that they (homosexuals) know what is best for everyone and their hatred for big companies makes this type of insanely ridiculous law OK by them. Of course McDonald’s should do the right thing and ignore the law and sue all the way to the Supreme Court when it is enforced, but the fear of bad public relations will stop that.

Let’s not forget that San Francisco is the same place that has, as an official act of the city, condemned the Catholic Church in clear violation of the First Amendment and they have been upheld by a federal court in doing so. When I am asked the same question, over and over, by so-called “gay marriage” advocates why I oppose redefining marriage, I say again and again that I don’t trust homosexual activists to not attempt to force the Church to marry gay people (they already have talked openly of doing so and groups like “rainbow sash” have proven that homosexual rights advocates are openly hateful of the Church and want to see it brought down). I also don’t trust our courts or legislatures to protect the Church. Given the homosexual proclivity to use the power of the state to enforce their own brand of “morality” on everyone else, does it seem unreasonable for me to be concerned? You not being concerned is unreasonable.

Catholic-hating homosexual advocates sex with 9-year-olds

The Holy Father’s visit to England is bringing out commentary from that nation’s top atheists; not surprisingly Richard Dawkins (the Church is “the greatest force for evil in the world.”) and awful novelist Phillip Pullman (“I hope the wretched Catholic Church will vanish entirely.”) are among them. But also among those participating in something called “Protest the Pope” is a “gay activist” named Peter Tatchell who has said:

“Several of my friends—gay and straight, male and female—had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy. While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.” (Link, so you can attempt to argue the source instead of the issue.)

So, let’s see if I have this right. The Church is the only entity on earth, according to almost all atheists/secularists, that should be called out for sexual abuse of Peter Tatchellchildren. This is despite the fact that sexual abuse is far more prevalent in U.S. public schools, but those are controlled by liberal teachers’ unions, so we can’t be telling the truth about that! This is, of course, the typical thought process of those who hate the Church. About 4000 priests, among a faith of over one billion adherents, over 60 years, condemn the entire institution, and it is perfectly fine that a leader of that condemnation be a man (pictured here, perhaps after someone’s father met him in person) who openly advocates sex with children.

But the Church is a force for evil?

The Secret World of Teenagers!!!

One of this week’s most popular news stories was about the flight attendant who freaked out, cussed at a passenger, and left the plane using those inflatable emergency slides, taking a beer from the beverage cart along with him. I try so hard to maintain my faith in humanity and not read the comments on stories on CNN, but I usually end up doing so. In this case, almost 100% of the comments supported the flight attendant and there were many comments saying that the passenger involved in the incident should be publicly named and how much of an awful b***h she must be. Well, it turns out that now at least six other passengers have come out and publicly said the flight attendant instigated the whole thing, he was acting extremely rude to everyone during the entire flight, and he cursed at the passenger first. No passengers have actually fully supported his version of the story.

Our news programs and online news sources make money by getting a story first. That means they are not going to be doing a whole lot of investigation or actual journalism before publishing the story. We love to be fed stories that can make us believe the worst about people. We particularly love those stories if they are about politicians, celebrities, popular people on Xanga, people who are different from us (different races or nationalities) and, apparently, teenagers. On Healthkicker, a Xangan wrote a satirical post about teens “needling” themselves (sticking themselves with needles). The majority of comments, even after the author admitted in a comment that he had made the entire thing up, bashed teens as idiots for doing such a thing. It’s not just a lack of critical reading skills (the post is replete with signs of a hoax) but it seems that people want to believe that teenagers are the worse human beings imaginable and will assume anything that supports that belief to be true.

Confirmation bias….yay??

I know it’s a logical fallacy to use me and my friends of proof of anything, but everyone I know is horrified of needles and getting shots, as am I, so no we are not going to be sticking needles into ourselves. Local news shows are excellent sources for those willing to believe any hysterical claims about teens; a few times a week, the local news will give you a peek into the…


“Wearing shoes on the wrong feet: The deadly new trend among teens! Your teen could be wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and you might not even know!!!”

Cut to a crying mom blaming Facebook, then an expert talking about peer pressure. This has to be stopped!!! We are losing an entire generation to slightly deformed feet!!!!!!

I’m not sure why anyone would think Healthkicker would discover a trend before anyone else and I hope they don’t write about that thing me and my friends do with the blender and the peanut butter. Shhhhhhh!!!! But for the rest of us, perhaps we need to just do a little better at giving people the benefit of the doubt, sometimes?

I didn’t have sex while writing this post

Warning: I am going to say the word “sex” a lot in this blog. I’m not sure how my boyfriend and I manage to stay busy when we’re together since we aren’t always having sex. According to what people seem to expect of two 18-year-olds, we should have sex for no other reasons than boredom. Since both of us are committed to saving this act meant for husbands and wives for when we are actually husbands and wives (hopefully to each other ), we have to be extra creative when it comes to finding ways to pass the time.

Two Friday nights ago, we went to the movies and saw Inception–it was good!–and we didn’t go home and have sex. Instead, we went to Jack in the Box and had onion rings and milkshakes. Now, I obviously don’t know anything about sex but I don’t see it beating onion rings and milkshakes. The next day, we went to Seattle Center and rode the lame roller coaster. And we didn’t even have sex during the ride! And we probably could have, because did I mention that it’s a lame roller coaster? So what else do we do to have fun while keeping all of our clothes on? Hey, this is a list post!

1. Bring video games to life! A finger gun becomes a needler and Halo becomes a reality in the front yard. Lemons make good grenades.

2. Find a playground. Monkey bars! Just scare any stupid little kids off and play for hours. If you can synchronize swinging well enough, you can still carry on a good conversation.

3. Games. I prefer Apples to Apples, and living in the Pacific Northwest provides enough rainy days that playgrounds and Halo wars are not always practical.

4. The Zoo. The zoo is the cheapest day of entertainment that you can ever find. Penguins. Monkeys. Giraffes. What else do you want? Sometimes there is sex involved, but please give the hippopotami some privacy. Thank you dad for telling me that they were recently married in a quiet ceremony with an elephant presiding. About 12 years later, I will still take your word for it.

These are just a few of the things that Matt and I do instead of having sex. I know it sounds crazy, especially if you read a lot of blogs by people my age on a regular basis, but there are more of us like Matt and me than not. I promise.

I Can’t

If you watch Friday Night Lights and you plan to watch last Friday’s episode on Hulu, don’t read any further until you have done so. Or, if you are interested in a great show, you can go watch this episode on Hulu and come back. But be warned that you will be hooked on this show! The episode is called “I Can’t”. And, yes, I know that if you have Direct TV, you may have already seen this episode and the one’s after, but please keep that to yourself!

“It’s very obvious that my mom wants me to have this abortion, because I was her mistake.”

I got home from work today, finally had time to go to Hulu and watch the last episode of Friday Night Lights, and spent the rest of the day feeling disappointed in one of my favorite shows. To recap the main story of the episode, Becky, a sophomore at West Dillon High School, is pregnant by Luke Cafferty, who goes to East Dillon High and is the running back for their football team. Becky’s mom, who became pregnant with Becky while very young, is insistent that Becky have an abortion and the episode focuses on Becky’s decision. So that’s really what you need to know.

I overcame my disappointment because I realized that the writers of Friday Night Lights were only reflecting society in general. It is treated as a given that Becky will be wasting her life if she carries her baby to term. She tells Mrs. Taylor (Principal of East Dillon and wife of Coach Taylor, football coach at West Dillon) “We don’t have any money. I’m in the 10th grade. It was my first time, and I threw it away, and I don’t want to throw my life away.” Youth. Economics. Life wasting. It is almost cliched the way we assume that those things conspire to create an automatic abortion. Ultimately, a baby is a burden fit only for those of a certain age and financial situation, however those who don’t meet the baby criteria are hardly ever told to be responsible in the first place, only that an abortion or a ruined life are the only choices. It is the ultimate exercise in narcissism. When Becky asks Mrs. Taylor what she would tell Julie, her daughter, in the same situation, Mrs. Taylor responds that she would “…tell her to think about her life. To think about what she wants. To think about what’s important to her.” Roe v. Wade seems to have liberated women to be completely self-centered. What a victory.

And where does Luke fit into all of this? Not surprisingly, as in society, he doesn’t. He is told of Becky’s abortion after the fact. Luke, the father, is as important to the story as the goalpost props on the football field. He exists to confirm for the audience that Becky’s situation was not initiated by a visit from an angel. In short, he exists to play the same role as fathers in real life play to those who support abortion rights. That is, no role at all. “Luke, I took care of it” Becky tells him, likely angering many who would prefer the sperm donor not get such a courtesy.

In the end, Becky had an abortion because her mother, ultimately, gave her no choice. It brings up the interesting issue that pro-choicers rarely discuss the number of, for practical purposes, forced abortions against the wishes of girls who are under 18. How hard are those who fight for “choice” fighting for the choices of those girls, I wonder?

In the end, we see Becky’s tears of regret. In the end, it’s one more way that Friday Night Lights got abortion right.

Animal Extremism

There are many well-meaning people who want to do the best thing for animals and one of the things they want to do is get rid of zoos and other animal reserves. I understand that there are situations in which animals are mistreated, many circuses are a good example. I was reading a post on Facebook by the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle about their baby Humboldt Penguins that will be joining the adult penguins soon, and one comment caught my attention:

I know this woman is entirely well-meaning, and I didn’t respond out of not wanting to be taken the wrong way on the zoo’s Facebook page, but I want people to think about things like this a little more. It would be more depressing for these beautiful baby penguins to be eaten alive by a killer whale or Leopard seal. Instead, these penguins, which have a natural affinity for and no fear of, human beings (as they have no predators on land) get hand fed all the fish they can eat and are never separated from their parents who are also well fed. Our zoos are generally run and staffed by people who will do anything for the well being of the animals housed there. That doesn’t mean that I want all animals to be removed from the wild, but we can have animals available for us to see and learn from without it being inherently cruel as many think. Please think the entire situation through before reflexively thinking that we should set all the animals free. Oh, and by the way, though many penguins spend as much as 3/4 of their lives in the water, they rarely swim farther than about a half mile from their land habitat.