I had an iPhone for a few years and loved it, except for the awful service from AT&T where I couldn’t ever get 3G, or any internet at all, and usually couldn’t even make calls in some places. Once I moved away to college, the service got worse and my dad and step-mom decided to switch us all toiPhone 4 Verizon. I got a new phone, a Droid Eris. At first, I loved my Droid. It was cute and I got a new iPod Touch to make up for no iPhone. Alas, the love between the Droid and I has taken a turn for the worse. I am itchy to take a chance on AT&T again to get the new iPhone 4. My dad has set down the deal, though, and it doesn’t look very good for me. He will pay the monthly bill if I switch back to AT&T because it doesn’t cost anymore than what he pays for me now and he agreed to pay my phone bill through college. But I have to pay for the new iPhone and the cost of stopping my line with Verizon, which will all come out to about $450. That is $300 for the phone and about $150 for stopping my phone on Verizon. $450 is more than one entire paycheck for me! This is a matter of economic equality in fact; $450 is a huge portion of all my income, it is a tiny, almost microscopic portion of his income. His firm charges almost that much per hour for him to do the lawyer thing. For the same reason we have a progressive income tax system, I demand a progressive Megan iPhone Plan.

I can usually whine to get my way with my dad on these things, though there is an art to whining just enough that I can get my way but not too much that he gets annoyed. He has also grown more resistant to whining as I have grown older. I seem to be left with little respite and no means of arbitration. If you have any ideas, now is the time.


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  1. Even though I admittedly woke up at 4 AM in order to pre-order an iPhone, I think I’d wait until your Verizon service contract is up and save the extra $150. And knowing Apple there will be a bigger and better one out next year. I have an iPhone 3G and wanted the better camera, flash, and HD video recording with the iPhone 4 but it sounds like the Eris already has that. Of course, there’s always the chance that the iPhone comes onto Verizon by the end of the year so I guess if I were you even though it sounds painful I’d wait and see what happens. I’d also recommend talking to somebody with an iPhone/ATT where you live to see what reception is like. Even in Raleigh the service can range from awesome to barely tolerable.

    • Yeah, after talking to some other people, that is what I am definitely going to do. My friend said the reception here is still bad. Thank you 😀

  2. You’re welcome 🙂 – so I love everything about it except for the reception. Turns out because Apple put the antennas on the outside rim of the phone so if you cover certain spots with your hand while talking you lose 2-3 bars. Doh! Other than that it’s super fast, the camera is great, and recording is as good as you get on a FlipCam. Hopefully they’ll address the reception design issue on next year’s phone when you’ll be ready to upgrade 🙂

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